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Tension Release Face Yoga Workshop Oct 17th

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    We carry so much stress in our body.. but what about our face? 

    Just like we have muscles in the body, we have muscles in our face, and they too carry tension. Generally we don’t know we have tension in the face until we can see it, or pain becomes so evident, we feel it.

    We SEE tension illustrated in the face in forehead lines, 11 lines ( the lines between the eyebrows from furrowing), as well as the corners of the lips turning down into a frown.

    We FEEL tension when we have headaches, chronic migraines, tired eyes ,TMJ, pain/ clenching or clicking in any part of the jaw area.

    If you're experiencing extra tension during this time, you’re noticing the stress show up on your face ( you’re looking more tired, noticing a greyish complexion, or your wrinkles have become more defined), OR, you’re suffering from headaches, migraines, TMJ, or a tense jaw, this workshop is for you!

    Tension Release Face Yoga Workshop 
    Sunday, October 17th, 2021 11 AM EST ZOOM
    Cost: $60 + HST 

    Registration includes: 

    *7 days of unlimited access to stream the workshop replay
    *Written instructions of each of the core exercises covered
    *Live Q and A for any queries or concerns

    What is Face yoga? 

    Face Yoga is a form of facial exercise coined The Natural Face Lift!

    Celebrities and royalty alike are using Face Yoga as an alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures, opting for a healthier natural approach to skin care. Just like we workout or practise yoga to take care of the muscles of our body- Face Yo-ga takes care of the muscles of our face. Using resistance and releasing exercises combined with facial massage, facial acupres-sure, and lymphatic drainage- Face Yoga is like taking your face to a spa and gym at the same time.

    Leaving you feeling and looking renewed! Face Yoga also has many therapeutic aspects. For those suffering from headaches / mi-graines or jaw tension- facial yoga helps reduce and prevent the these pains. The aesthetic aspects are obvious, and the therapeutic aspects are vast…So what are you waiting for? If you’re a fan of self care or are in need of it- this practise is for you! Are you ready for your natural face lift!?


    before and after photos"After taking the intro class with Sophia, I found that my skin looked brighter and tighter. Suffering from congestion and inflammation in the skin has been a constant struggle. After practicing the exercises for the few weeks and taking more courses I have noticed my smile lines are becoming more even and my eyes are more open. I am also more aware of how I use the muscles in my face and how I can contribute to the reduction of fine lines." - Samantha C. 

    See policy below.

    Meet your Teacher: Sophia Ha

    Sophia Ha is a certified Face Coach and Wellness Advisor. She has been featured multiple times on Breakfast Television and written up countless times in The Toronto Star. Dedicated to the foundations and fundamentals of face yoga, her teaching style is informative and effective. The focus of her classes revolve around self awareness: Bringing attention to how we use our facial muscles, exploring the root of holding particular facial patterns, and how to release habitual facial movement. 

    Workshop Policy: 
    Full Payment required for registration
    Cancellation with 14+ Days Notice: Full Store Credit towards Product or Service
    Cancellation with Less then 14 Days Notice: Store Credit minus 20% for administrative fee
    Cancellation with less then 3 days: Store credit of 30% of the total price will be issued to be used towards a product or service. 
    Same Day/No Show Cancellation: No Credit/No Refund for any reason

    Although we understand life situations and emergencies do arise that can inhibit attendance, please understand we allocate resources to make these services available to the community and have therefore chosen policies to reflect our investments and efforts to make these services available. Thank you in advance for understanding.